Sharon Christians, Bombardier

Sharon Christians is the Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs for the Bombardier Transportation Group based in Berlin, Germany. Bombardier Transportation is owned by Bombardier Canada, operates in 26 countries and is the global leader in rail technology.

Born in Canada, Sharon has spent 25 years living in Europe and working for major European companies in the areas of crisis communications, image and reputation management and corporate social responsibility. Her international experience cuts across Canada, the United States, England, France, The Netherlands and Germany in global sectors that range from energy, education, radiopharmaceuticals, food retailing, music and manufacturing to rail transportation.

At Bombardier she is credited with revitalizing the train side of the Bombardier brand and for positioning Bombardier Transportation as a sector leader in the mainstream debate on sustainable transportation and the need to reduce global CO2 emissions. In this capacity, she pioneered the development of two new brands for which Bombardier Transportation is internationally recognized: ‘The Climate is Right for Trains’ and ‘ECO4’.

Having started her career working in the Arctic and Subarctic with the Canadian Northern Pipeline Agency in the late 70’s, Sharon has retained an active interest in the impact of global warming on Arctic ecosystems and the global environmental challenges that ensue. She is a graduate in political science from Carleton University Ottawa.


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