Canada’s marketplace for new ideas is about to rapidly expand.

And as we head into an election year, our federal government will be required to make smart, strategic choices about the ideas that will carry Canada’s social and economic prosperity to 2020 and beyond.

This policy paper series – published spring and fall 2014 – is about those choices.

Canada 2020 believes the federal government can be a force for significant and positive change. But for that to happen, it requires a serious public policy strategy for the country that does less of some things, while focusing decisively and aggressively on a few important things. This requires in-depth analysis of the really big challenges and opportunities facing the country.

These papers, and our authors, do just that.

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Policy Papers

Skills and Higher Education in Canada

by: Daniel Munro

June 2, 2014

Public Service Renewal

by: Ralph Heintzman

June 10, 2014

Democratic Reform

by: Robert Asselin

June 18, 2014

Unemployed and Underemployed Youth

by: Canada 2020

July 3, 2014

Understanding Canadian Intergovernmental Relations

by: Jennifer Wallner

August 26, 2014

Canada’s Foreign Policy Future

by: Roland Paris

Coming: Fall 2014

Investing in Infrastructure

by: John Brodhead

Coming: Fall 2014

Carbon Pricing

by: Nic Rivers

Coming: Fall 2014

Geopolitics of Canadian Energy

by: Robert Johnston

Coming: Fall 2014

Inequality and the “End of Progress”

by: Miles Corak & Frank Graves

Coming: Fall 2014

Personal Health

by: Alex Munter & Mark Stabile

Coming: Fall 2014


The Book

Other Research

Analytical Commentary

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Canada in the Asian Century

BY: China Working Group
Summer 2014
Background Paper

2013 Canada-US Comparative Climate Opinion Survey

BY: Erick Lachapelle, Christopher Borrick, Barry G. Rabe
March 2014
Analytical Commentary

Are we ready for universal childcare in Canada?

BY: Michelle Piano
January 2014
Background Paper

Polling Canada’s Climate

BY: Diana Carney
October 2013
Analytical Commentary

Getting TPP Right

BY: Dillon Fowler
October 2013
Analytical Commentary

Inequality as a driver

BY: Claude Dumulon-Lauzière
June 2013
Analytical Commentary

Valuing health in Canada

BY: Aneil Jaswal
June 2013
Background Paper

Confronting the crisis in public health

BY: Aqsa Malik
May 22, 2013
Background Paper

Why would Canadians buy carbon pricing?

BY: Diana Carney
April 2013
Background Paper

Asia’s cities, Canada’s opportunity?

BY: Canada 2020
March 2013
Analytical Commentary

What does a changing climate mean for Canadian agriculture?

BY: Sophie Oliver
March 2013
Background Paper

Public policies for equality and social mobility in Canada

BY: Miles Corak
February 2013
Analytical Commentary

The Circle Model

BY: Arianne Charlebois
February 2013
Background Paper

Competition Matters

BY: Grant Bishop
January 2013
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