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Release: Canada 2020 a global “think tank to watch”

January 23, 2014

January 23, 2013 (Ottawa) – Canada 2020 is one of the leading “Think Tanks to Watch” in Canada and around the world, according to the Global Go To Think Tank Index Project report, released this week.

The Index, which tracks and ranks the work of hundreds of organizations from around the world, is the most comprehensive ranking of the world’s top think tanks.

The selection committee identified Canada 2020′s efforts from the previous year, which included the establishment of a progressive research hub, in-depth polling and analysis on climate and energy, and hosting thousands of Canadians at Canada 2020′s free, open public events about progressive policy.

“Canada 2020 is so proud to be recognized as a ‘Think Tank to Watch’ and to be in such distinguished company,” said Tim Barber, Canada 2020′s Co-Founder. “As a progressive, independent, non-partisan think tank, our aim has always been to bring people and ideas together to shape the policy debate. Honours like this mean Canada 2020 is on the right track and expect even more leading-edge work in the weeks, months and year to come.”

Canada 2020 is ranked #55 on the list of “Think Tanks to Watch” worldwide, meaning that Canada 2020′s work is being tracked by an expert panel of researchers, academics, policy professionals and practitioners from around the globe.

The Global Go To Think Tank project was started in 2008 by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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For more information about the Global Go To Think Tank Project, click here.

For questions, comments or more information about Canada 2020′s work, contact Alex Paterson, Communication & Program Coordinator, at or (613) 793-8234.


  1. I think that Canada 2020′s high ranking is due to the fact that it truly lives up to its name as an independent and non-partisan. Many think tanks , including some of the more established and best-financed think tanks who (let’s face it) are constrained by the private contributors who expect what they want to hear.

  2. Canada 2020 deserves the international recognition. It was one of the most progressive think tanks with a true pulse on the Canadian landscape and global issues that impact all Canadians.

  3. Very good result. Perhaps the target for the next year or so is to get into the top 50! The topics are important. We need to explore more any new ideas to have a productive society in the future.

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