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House Finance Committee cites Canada 2020 work on inequality

The House Standing Committee on Finance has published its report on income inequality, citing Canada 2020′s work, research and thought-leadership.
You can download it in full here (jump to page 40 for the committee’s recommendations).
The report was set in motion by Liberal MP Scott Brison, whose motion to study the effects of income inequality in Canada received cross-party support in the House of Commons in early 2013.
The report features testimony from Canada 2020′s Diana Carney, as well as Dr. Miles Corak, whose Canada 2020 paper Public policies for equality of opportunity and social mobility in Canada is essential reading for Canadian …

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Canada 2020 joins the Evergreen CityWorks Infrastructure Leaders Council

Canada 2020 is pleased to announce it has joined the Evergreen CityWorks Infrastructure Leaders Council, beginning in 2013 for a two year term.
The council, comprised of forward-looking organizations and partners, will advise Evergreen on the development of a new “New Deal” for cities in Canada. This means thinking through major urban challenges with a new lens of innovative, sustainable solutions.
Said Tim Barber, Canada 2020′s Co-Founder: “Canada 2020 is incredibly proud to join the Evegreen CityWorks Infrastructure Leaders Council. One of Canada 2020′s core mandates is to think past the here and now, and project forward  10, 20, 50 years the …

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New poll: Canadians want federal leadership on climate change

For immediate release
Canadians want federal leadership on
climate change: new poll
Strong support among Canadians for carbon pricing, strategic pipelines and Canada’s participation in international climate agreements says a new poll by Canada 2020 and University of Montreal
Download the results and view interactive maps at
November 6, 2013 (Ottawa) – The Canada 2020/Université de Montréal National Survey of Canadian Opinions on Climate Change, released today, reveals that 84% of Canadians believe the federal government should take the lead on combating climate change; 76% of Canadians believe Canada should sign an international climate agreement even if it means doing so before China and …

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Canada 2020 to take climate poll results on the road

Canada 2020 – Canada’s leading, independent, progressive think tank – is set to release a new poll on Canadian attitudes towards climate change, and we’re taking the results on the road.
Presented with the University of Montreal, the National Survey of Canadian Public Opinion on Climate Change will be discussed at events in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal on November 5th, 6th, and 7th respectively.
Registration for the Ottawa event is free and open to the public, and features an impressive slate of experts including David Jacobson, former U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Scott Vaughan, President of the International Institute of Sustainable Development, David …

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Canada 2020 to host exclusive Big Data seminar session

On October 23rd, Dan Wagner and Teddy Goff are partnering with Canada 2020 for an exclusive seminar session, exploring new approaches, effective strategies and innovative ideas for:

Data collection and analytics;
Social media and online communications; and
Online organizing, targeting and mobilization.

This is the opportunity to learn from the very best data, campaign and marketing minds in the business.
The New York Times has called the work that Dan, Teddy and their teams accomplished as a complete breakthrough in the world of marketing and politics: “After the election, [Obama for America] had not only helped produce a victory that defied a couple of historical …

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Canada 2020 launches its fall 2013 program

Canada 2020 is pleased to announce its 2013 fall event program.

October 23rd: Big data and the future of progressive politics

October 29th: The Canada-China relationship – keeping up the momentum

November 6th: The politics of climate, and the climate of politics

All events are free and open to the public. Register for your seats today by visiting the event links above.
Click here to download Canada 2020′s Annual Report for 2012-2013.
About Canada 2020
Canada 2020 is a leading, independent, progressive think-tank.
Canada 2020′s objective is to inform and influence debate, to identify progressive policy solutions and to help redefine federal government for a modern Canada.
We do …

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Canada 2020 releases its Annual Report for 2012-2013

Canada 2020 is proud to release its Annual Report for 2012-2013.
You can download it here.
Summarizing Canada 2020′s most ambitious and active year to date, the report showcases the people we’ve seen and ideas we’ve shared over the past 12 months.
From our sold-out public panels on carbon pricing, inequality and health to our featured speaker events with Larry Summers and Dr. Eric Topol and celebrated research performed by Diana Carney and Dr. Miles Corak, Canada 2020 is fast becoming the go-to hub for progressive ideas, people and action.
We look forward to another fantastic year in 2014. To keep up to date …

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Two new reports now online: Valuing health in Canada, and inequality as a driver

Visit our Publications page to download two new papers in our ongoing Analytical Commentary series.

Valuing Health in Canada, by Aneil Jaswal

How do Canadians value health? What treatments, services and drugs are and should be publicly funded? And how are the discrepancies in coverage that exist within Canada justified? This paper, by Oxford University’s Aneil Jaswal, gets to the heart of the rationale for making health coverage decisions in Canada. It emphasizes the importance of considering cost effectiveness – in an absolute not a relative sense – and of explicitly including public input into the decision-making process.

Inequality as a driver, by …

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Canada 2020 a presenting partner at the 2013 GRIC Policy Conference

This Thursday, June 20th 2013, Canada 2020 will be a presenting partner with the Government Relations Institute Canada (GRIC) for a special panel event at the 2013 GRIC Policy Conference.
Topic: Public Policy Pressure Points
How economic pressures, regional demands and networked voters are influencing the day-to-day business of crafting and implementing public policy in Ottawa.

The evolving role of stakeholder inputs into government policy and decision-making.
Policy and budget sausage making: public and private interests.
Growing the Canadian economy: the federal challenge and public inputs.

Moderator: Don Newman, Chair, Canada 2020 Advisory Board

Elaine Feldman, Recently retired President of the Canadian Environmental Protection Assessment Agency
David B. Watters, President, …

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Canada 2020 and CSLS co-host Montreal panel on income inequality

On Friday, May 31 2013, Canada 2020 and the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) will co-host a panel on income inequality at the upcoming Canadian Economics Association conference in Montreal.
Organizers Andrew Sharpe (CSLS) and Diana Carney (Canada 2020) will welcome a series of papers and discussion topics on income inequality from academics across Canada. You can learn more information about the event here.
The session will also be moderated by Canada 2020′s Eugene Lang.

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