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Updated: Canada 2020 launches new federal policy paper series

June 5, 2014

Eleven in-depth federal policy papers to be published spring and fall 2014 on

Canada 2020, Canada’s leading independent progressive think-tank, has launched a new policy paper series about the federal government choices that must be made in the coming years to ensure Canada’s economic prosperity and social well-being.

Published spring and fall 2014 on, this suite of papers cover topics ranging from large global themes (energy politics, Canada’s foreign policy future, economic inequality) to more granular process issues (democratic reform, renewal of the public service, intergovernmental relations).

Comments about the series:

“Canada’s marketplace for new ideas is about to rapidly expand and Canada 2020 is moving to the forefront of that market with this paper series which will help inform debate, influence decision making, and strengthen the progressive community’s grasp of global trends affecting Canada.”

- Tim Barber, Co-Founder of Canada 2020

“The government of Canada will be facing many policy dilemmas in the coming years. This series is about providing thoughtful and rigorous thinking on the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead for our country.”

Robert Asselin, Canada 2020 Advisory Board member and director of the series

Topics and release dates:

The full list of papers, authors, and release dates is below. They will be made available in both English and French, and can be downloaded here.

  • Skills and Higher Education in Canada, by Dan Munro. Available for download now.
  • Renewal of the Federal Public Service, by Ralph Heintzman. Available for download now.
  • Democratic Reform, by Robert Asselin. Available for download now.
  • Youth Unemployment, by Canada 2020. Available for download now.
  • Understanding Canadian Intergovernmental Relations, by Jennifer Wallner. Available Fall 2014.
  • Geopolitics of Canadian Energy, by Robert Johnston, Available Fall 2014.
  • Canada’s Foreign Policy Future, by Roland Paris. Available Fall 2014.
  • Investing in Infrastructure, by John Broadhead. Available Fall 2014.
  • Carbon Pricing, by Nic Rivers. Available Fall 2014.
  • Inequality and the “End of Progress” by Miles Corak and Frank Graves. Available Fall 2014.
  • Personal Health, by Alex Munter and Mark Stabile. Available Fall 2014.

For more information about the series, contact Alex Paterson at

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