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Announcing Canada 2020′s new Advisory Board

February 21, 2014

February 21st 2014 (Ottawa) – Canada 2020 is pleased to announce its brand new Advisory Board.

Chaired by Don Newman, the new group will assist Canada 2020 in its pursuit of opening dialogue on strategic, progressive federal policy in Canada.

The new Canada 2020 Advisory Board is:

About Canada 2020:

Canada 2020 is a leading, independent, progressive think-tank.

Canada 2020′s objective is to inform and influence debate, to identify progressive policy solutions and to help redefine federal government for a modern Canada.

We do this by convening leading authorities from Canada and abroad, generating original policy thinking, and prioritizing effective communication.

Our orientation is:

  • Progressive and non-partisan.
  • Long-term, with an emphasis on key structural issues facing Canada.
  • Collaborative and outward focused.
  • Activist: we aim to influence the policy agenda.
  1. Hey Don _- Great to se you ihn that poszt, and i’ll make more time than ever to follow Canada 2020 activities — they did great stuff ohn trade a whuile back, and I’m just launching a column in our age 18-30-ish Cazreers training/industrial growth paper on that subject.

    AFER A WEEK WHICH HAS seen two of our generation’s journalism greats move on, it was great to see you re-emerge. I’m passing your e-mail on to boss Dorothy Dobbie who will I know be interested. All good wishes.

  2. Congratulations. Looking forward to hear which topics you will choose to address this year. I am interested whether you might include public sharing and reuse of clinical trial data in research (other terms: full transparency, open data). Many initiatives are taking place in this area internationally (European Medicine Agency (EMA), Institute of medicine, just to name a few)and it might be a good timing to address these issues in Canada as well

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