Canada 2020 #OnVotes Speaker Series: Premier Kathleen Wynne

May 8, 2014


Ontario is going to the polls in June, and Canada 2020 has invited all 3 candidates to speak in Ottawa for the Canada 2020 #OnVotes Speaker Series.

First up is Premier Kathleen Wynne, Leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario, who will address our audience on Thursday, May 8th at the Ottawa Convention Center

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Thursday, May 8 2014
Breakfast Event, Ottawa Convention Center
7:30 to 9:00 AM
Tickets: $50

Facing her first official election as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, Premier Wynne is running on an ambitious infrastructure plan, as well as a promise to shore up Ontario’s pension security. Her government faces tough questions about its record, but the Liberal Party of Ontario enters the campaign leading both the Ontario PC’s and NDP by a slim margin.

Watch Premier Wynne’s speech here.

Watch her Q&A with Canada 2020′s Chairman Don Newman here.

Featured Participants

Premier Kathleen Wynne

Premier of Ontario Bio
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