Rising to Meet the Asia Challenge

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If it is to maintain its relevance in the global economic order, Canada must find its place at the heart of Asia. This requires a strategic approach that will enable us to leapfrog competitors and build our brand in this highly competitive marketplace.

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Research: Getting TPP Right

As China begins challenging the U.S. for political and economic dominance in the pacific region, establishing free trade agreements with the rest of the continent is imperative for Canada. This makes the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), a free trade deal that would span the Pacific Ocean but notably does not include China, an essential component of Canada’s long-term trade agenda.

Opinion: The Canada-China relationship – how we keep up the momentum

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives’ Ailish Campbell reports from our joint event, “The Canada-China Relationship: Keeping up the momentum” on Tuesdsay, October 29th. At the event, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall joined a panel of experts to talk to way forward for our two economies. In this post, Campbell summarizes 5 thoughts on how to keep up the momentum.

Event recap: Drilling down on the Asian cities agenda

Canada 2020’s third panel in the Canada We Want in 2020 Speaker Series took place in Ottawa on March 27 in front of an engaged crowd of 200 at the Château Laurier Hotel.

You can recap by watching the entire video on our event page, or read this summary.

Blog: Why ‘Asia – it’s big!’ won’t cut it

Our conversations on Asia are stuck in a rut – and that’s a problem. If we’re going to help each other be engaged members of the policy community that shapes and forms opinions and decisions, we need to be smarter in how we talk about the opportunities and risks in engaging the new pacific century.

Opinion: Australia’s Asian Century – Canada’s too?

Last week the Australian government released a White Paper: Australia in the Asian Century. The nearly 300-page paper is ambitious, strategic, well-written and comprehensive. One Australian commentator called it ‘lofty and inspirational’. That is what is at the root of my Australia-envy.

Event Recap: Panelists confront ‘the new state capitalism’ at Buying Canada event

To watch this panel, visit the event page & click ‘Watch this video’

17 October 2012 (Ottawa) – On Wednesday, October …

Issues: Strategic industries, state-owned enterprises and the national interest

On Wednesday October 17 2012, Canada 2020 hosted a panel discussion on state-owned enterprises (SOEs) buying into strategic industries in Canada. This deck provides an introduction to the main issues at stake.

Opinion: Nexen-CNOOC – Searching for Canada’s “Net Benefit”

Next month shareholders of Nexen vote on a lucrative offer from a company owned and controlled by the Chinese government …

Opinion: Canada must adjust to the Asian century

Over the coming decades, Asia will become the global centre of aspiration, innovation and technology. Canada’s long-term prosperity and security …

Panelists share their views on Asia: opportunities abound, but Canada is way behind

Ottawa – Canada must move aggressively to meet the Asia challenge, according to an expert panel organized by Canada 2020.
The …

Opinion: Yuen Pau Woo urges Canada to leap ahead in Asia

Canada is back in the game in Asia. With two recent visits by Prime Minister Harper (to China, Thailand, Korea, …

Issues: Rising to meet the Asia challenge

Asia’s growing importance is undisputed. It is not only in economic, but also in cultural and political/security spheres, that the …

Opinion: Dominic Barton urges a new Asia strategy for Canada

For the past 250 years, Canada’s deep and mutually beneficial economic links with its superpower neighbour to the south have …


October 29, 2013

The Canada-China relationship: Keeping up the momentum

Speakers: Bruce Simpson, Hon. John Manley, P.C., Ralph Lutes, The Honourable Brad Wall, Wendy Dobson

March 27, 2013

The Canada We Want in 2020 Speaker Series: Asia’s cities, Canada’s opportunity?

Speakers: Alessandro Pio, Don Newman, Geoff Cape, Rana Sarkar, Sharon Christians

October 17, 2012

Buying Canada: Strategic industries, state-owned enterprises and the national interest

Speakers: Charles Burton, Don Newman, Laura Dawson, Thomas D'Aquino, Wenran Jiang

Asia Challenge
April 11, 2012

The Canada We Want in 2020: Rising to Meet the Asia Challenge

Speakers: Dominic Barton, Peter Wilkinson, Rana Sarkar, Yuen Pau Woo

September 26, 2011

Global Strategic Outlook 2011

Speakers: David Goldwyn, Dr. Ian Bremmer, Martin Wolf, Robert Rooney, The Hon. David Emerson

September 30, 2008

Dr. Fan Gang: The Future of China’s Economic Development

Speakers: Dr. Fan Gang

Featured Links

John Baird on Asia’s rising cities

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird writes about Asia’s rising cities – and what they mean for Canada – in the …

The security dimensions of an influential China

CSIS has released a new conference report, focusing on the security dimensions of an increasingly influential China. Download it here.

How to make cities great

Watch McKinsey & Company’s guide on how  to make cities great. Link.

McKinsey on China

Two great new articles and publications from McKinsey&Company: Chinese infrastructure – the big picture, and China’s next chapter – the …


The number of people China plans to move into its cities over the next 12 to 15 years. For perspective …

Asia’s green energy future

Amory Lovins details the shift towards green energy that is taking place in Japan, China and India.

Metro Diplomacy

Echoing our most recent event, Bob Hormats writes in Foreign Policy about the mind shift taking place in the State …

Urban World

McKinsey Global Institute releases a new interactive tool to explore the world’s growing cities. Play with it here.

McKinsey Global Institute Report Shows the Importance of Asian Cities

McKinsey Global Institute’s report on the massive population and economic growth in cities, especially in Asia. Read it here, and …

Interesting info-graphic on the growth of cities, globally

Growth is plotted by the hour: no surprises here that Asian cities are growing fast, though some African cities also …

Making the most of urbanization in China

Managing the process of urbanization effectively will help China address many of its problems – from inequality to pollution – …

A New Year’s assessment of the CNOOC/Nexen decision and its implications

Jack Austin views the Harper government’s decision on the net benefit test as a positive start, but with some caveats.

Getting up to speed on the Trans Pacific Partnership

The Peterson Institute has just produced a book which will help us understand the TPP. Here’s a Powerpoint introduction if …

Public attitudes a hurdle to foreign takeovers: McCarthy

The Globe’s Shawn McCarthy has identified public attitudes as a major hurdle to approving large foreign takeovers. This was not …

There’s no short-cut to China

David Mulroney, in The Globe & Mail, says there’s no short-cut to China.

A good primer on CNOOC/Nexen

Paul Boothe separates the silly from the serious in this ongoing debate.

Secrecy surrounds the proposed Canada-China investment agreement

Echoing concerns raised by Elizabeth May at our event last week, Lawrence Martin discuses the Canada-China FIPA and why it …

Buying Canada panel featured on CTV’s Question Period

Thomas D’Aquino, Wenran Jiang, and Canada 2020 Co-Founder Eugene Lang joined Kevin Newman in studio to talk SOEs. Watch the …

Canada blocks Malaysian SOE bid

Canada blocks Petronas’ $5.2bn bid for Progress Energy: is this is signal for the CNOOC/Nexen decision?

The challenge with China

Postmedia’s Jordan Press asks what separates China from other emerging economies, and frames the national security concerns in this excellent …

The race to send gas to Asia intensifies

A new proposal to build a massive Alaskan pipeline for LNG exports to Asia, threatens Canada’s role as a future …

Canada’s foreign investment review process: a layman’s guide

Paul Boothe from iPolitics gives a primer on foreign investment rules and the government’s review process.

China’s economic future: scaling the value chain

The Globe’s Report on Business explores the value chain secrets behind China’s economic future.

Eugene Lang on Nexen-CNOOC: It’s about security

From Tuesday’s Ottawa Citizen, Canada 2020′s own Eugene Lang says the Nexen-CNOOC debate should be heavily focused on security.

Canada denied seat at East Asia summit

Canada will not get a seat for years at the East Asia Summit, the Pacific’s new power forum. The Globe …

CSIS warns of foreign takeover security risks

More reaction to the Nexen-CNOOC bid, this time from a cautioning report from CSIS warning government officials about the security …

Nexen-CNOOC bid approved by shareholders; Canadians uneasy

Nexen shareholders overwhelmingly approved the $15.1 Billion takeover of the Canadian energy firm, while a new poll suggests Canadians are …

New polls and studies urge deeper, cautious ties with Asia

A series of studies and polls released this week urge deeper – albeit more cautious – ties with emerging Asian …

Dambisa Moyo: Closing the China Gap

Author and former Canada 2020 featured speaker Dambisa Moyo writes on China’s “voracious appetite for resources.”

A Canadian Economic Strategy for Asia

Canada 2020 author, Dominic Barton, and colleagues produce a new paper for the CCCE urging Canada to move ahead in Asia.

Canada’s next ambassador to China a veteran diplomat

According to reports in the Globe & Mail, Prime Minister Harper is set to tap Guy Saint-Jacques as the next …

Does Ottawa have staying power in Southeast Asia?

The Globe’s Brian Job asks whether or not the Harper government’s Asia strategy involves a sustainable relationship with the ASEAN.

Jim Prentice on what the Nexen-CNOOC deal means for Canada

In the aftermath of the Nexen-CNOOC oil sands deal, former cabinet minister and current CIBC VP Jim Prentice urges Canada to remain …

Canada must conclude trade negotiations in Europe

Len Edwards argues that concluding the CETA withe Europe is important as it will give us a leg up in …

Competition for international students is fierce

Encouraging the best international students to come to Canada and sending our best to study overseas is essential for our …

Canada nears deal for entry into Pacific trade talks

Canadian negotiators at the G20 summit are reported to be close to securing entry into the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Canada’s agricultural opportunities in Asia

A recent report in the Canada in the Pacific Century series finds that opportunities for Canada in the agricultural sector …

The Harper Doctrine

Eugene Lang writes on the Harper Doctrine which forms the cornerstone of our foreign relations.

Canada can leapfrog other nations through a free trade deal with China

Canada 2020 panel discusses Canada’s possible entry into the TPP and other trade opportunities.

Canadian business must rise to the challenge in Asia

iPolitics columnist Dan Veniez argues that Canadian businesses must follow the government’s lead and be more ambitious in Asia.

Chinese foreign direct investment

A new paper by Theodore Moran for the CCCE analyses whether this should be seen as an opportunity or a …

The end of cheap China

The Economist reports on rising labour costs in China. Despite these, China remains the manufacturing location of choice due to …

Exporting in a post-crisis world

Mark Carney urges exporters to look to emerging markets, and China and India in particular, for growth.

Is Canada doing enough to boost trade in Asia?

Eric Reguly argues that there was not enough emphasis on building business links during the Prime Minister’s recent Asia visit.

The launch of trade negotiations with Japan shows Canada’s Asia trade strategy falling into place

Peter Clark argues that Canadian trade negotiators are ready and able to handle the flurry of Asian initiatives.

Jeffrey Simpson on Canada’s prospects for trade deals in Asia

Securing trade deals with Asia is very appealing, but each country poses different challenges.

Len Edwards offers advice for Canada in emerging markets

Playing by the old multilaterlist rules will no longer cut it: we have to be more deliberate and strategic.

Peter Clark: Free trade with China – what the doctor ordered?

Peter Clark examines the pros and cons of cementing a bilateral free trade deal with China.

Dominic Barton: China couldn’t find us on a map

Dominic Barton, global managing director at McKinsey, as part of The Canada we want in 2020, argues that China couldn’t find …

AP: China eyes Canada oil, US’s energy nest egg

AP on how China is eying Canadian oil.

Flaherty in China: For Sale or Just a Sales Job?

So Flaherty wants China to buy Canadian banks, but just not too much of them? Why bother going down this …

In Crisis, China Sees Opportunity

While we are all focused on surviving the economic crisis, China sees it as a chance to become an even …






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